Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Technorati Profile

Another post here to help connect this to my Technorati profile.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to the creative stuff

But I said that I wasn't going to be political here. I'd like to think that I can vacillate, but I think that any readers that I get would be annoyed by that. You don't want to hear insightful criticism and then a little literary wit from the same person. They don't seem to feed each other very well.

I'm humoring myself a little that I count as insightful. But I'm learning. (Either I'm learning how to be insightful, or I'm learning more accurate labels for what I am. I'm not sure.)

Anyway, in this long time off, as I've said, I've been working on my preliminary examination. It's funny how overly-difficult tasks like this will force you to be mean to yourself. I don't just mean physically - no sleep, no fun, no movies, just work work work - but you also start to notice what you can't do, where you fail, where you're weak. I have a lot of weaknesses, and I think I know them a little better. And I think I have a better understanding of my strengths, too. They aren't as vast and unchallenged as I thought before. I'm a bit shaken by that experience, I think, but better off.

Anyway, I'm back at this again, and I mean to stick to it. It's a strange kind of public thinking - you don't really know if anyone reads you, and you don't really know if it ever really matters. It's like being naked and blindfolded in a public place. You might hear someone - someone might make a comment - but you could certainly have a large silent crowd around you watching you. Or you could certainly be standing alone.

I'm not sure if I'm succeeding at being quirky. Maybe.

Anyway, that stupid frog thing I put down at the beginning of the post is really useless. I'm not sure that I want to admit that I wrote it. But I did, and I can't bring myself to try to destroy it only because I've created so few things lately. It's like if you could only pee four times a year, you might spend a little more time staring into the bowl, watching the little bubbles circle and pop and swirl away.

I've been meaning to read more of the Frogblog lately. I just like that title. I think that's related to what I was saying yesterday about politics. It might not be. And it's certainly a little intimidating having such a huge and varied list of links next to my words. I might need to cut some of that. A lot of these websites are places that I've been to once.

Oh well.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Thinking about Politics

I've started another blog at another place, and I'm not sure that I like that other place. I've been off for a while working on that stupid test that nearly killed me - my prelim exam.

But I'm in a position now where the job that I took only to make money has become as lucrative as the job I'm studying to begin. And the job prospects in my field - English - are not good. So I'm a little confused, and I've made the mistake of thinking that writing in this old blog will help me think through that. Well, it might.

So as I'm sitting here thinking about what a blog really is, what it's supposed to be, and what makes a blog good or popular, I'm really getting annoyed at the way that a blog can become a person trying to fit his or her life into something that he or she saw in a movie, or something that a political party wants them to believe. I'm getting disgusted with political parties in general, and I'm thinking about starting a second blog here that just talks about the damage that a two-party system really does to us and to our country. It's something that I want to study a little, and something that I want to take seriously, because I really hated Bush (and still do), and I'm not and have never really been a fan of Kerry as a politician. Well - he makes a good senator. Long-winded and analytical and all that, but not someone who can inspire people. Not a charismatic leader. Hell, Al Gore was a better debater, and possibly a better campaigner, than this guy.

So I've got an axe to grind - I'm tired of chocolate or vanilla, with people telling me that chocolate is really close to vanilla and can solve all of my problems, and vanilla is just as versatile and all that. I'm tired of two parties spread out over acres of contradictory turf, and I want to start doing what I can to make other people aware of how bad this is.

Oh well. Back to work.

I'm back

Just thought I'd let everyone know - I'm back at it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My job

So I have a summer job. It's not really a summer job. I mean, I've been working there for almost four years now. And I hate it. It's killing me.

How many people say that? That's kind of boring.

I think that my job is a little boring too. I mean, I'm boring. I'm not sure how to make this blog interesting. I could start lying.

Well, I'm planning on changing my life around to make things a little more interesting. For me. Maybe not for you.


I took some links from another blog. I kind of like how they're all over the place. I don't read them all religiously, but I mess around on some of these pages. OpenDemocracy is a good one, for example, and some of them are better than others. The UN website is good, too.

Oh well. I'm kind of trying out a Firefox extension that allows me to copy whole pages of links. We'll see if I can put it to other uses.

The bald frog

I was just editing my profile, and I had this question about telling a story about a bald frog. I wrote something, but I couldn't cut it down to 150 characters. (Who could?) So I'm posting it.

Old Pete, an old bullfrog from West Virginia, was swimming down a mountain stream one fine summer day a few years back when he bumped into a submerged cardboard box. Inside, of course, was the blue wig. Now, you have to know something about Pete. As a tadpole, Pete had some of the best froghair on the continent. As age drove the hairs from his head, Pete's sex life, like a lilypad out of water, began to wilt and die. The blue wig rejuvenated him. It didn't seem to matter to the ladies that the blue wig was bigger than he was. Pete only lived a few years more after he found that wig, but a lot of folks say those were the best years of his life. And there's quite a few tadpoles, especially in West Virginia, with an odd sprinkle of blue hair on their otherwise bald heads.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

benkman blogging

I'm thinking about this as more of a personal blog, a little more creative, and a little less serious, than other attempts. I've done some weird things in blogger under different names. I'm trying here to be a little less academic.

Not that I'll ever be un-academic.

Oh well.